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North London at 1001 Gainsborough Rd
History of the NLSDA church (Thumbnail Sketch) as presented at the Mortgage Burning of 1001 Gainsborough Rd. on Oct.31/98. With the consent of the London SDA Church in July, 1984, a small company of believers began meeting in a rented facility at Gethsemane United Church at Huron and Sanford Sts. in London, Ontario.

With God's blessing, the company grew through baptisms, transfers in membership, weddings and community outreach. The need for church status became inevitable. On April 23, 1988, the company was officially organized as a church by the Ontario Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Church and we celebrated this event at the Faith Tabernacle located on Huron and Clarke Rd.

We continued to worship in rented facilities at Gethsemane, but directed our attention to the needs of our own facilities. We had already examined several properties for potential purchase. On October 4 1991, we submitted an offer to purchase the Fanshawe Park Road property. The offer was accepted subject to certain conditions - namely re-zoning for institutional use - and the relocation of a 120 year old school house that was on the property. The re-zoning application and presentation was made November 6, 1991 and shortly thereafter on November 19 1991, the London Township council approved the re-zoning. The 30 day waiting period passed without any appeals! The school house was donated to the Fanshawe Pioneer Village, who moved it to their own property in the spring of 1992.

The closing on purchase was completed April, 1992; however we continued to worship at Gethsemane United Church and in general they were gracious to us considering that we were in their facility for some 10 years. However, as time moved on it became clear that this is not where we should settle and we sought alternative facilities for worship. In early 1995, we became aware of the availability of the property on Gainsborough. Although not ideal, we felt that on a temporary basis it would meet our basic needs. We purchased the property in May, 1995, and on June 10, 1995 we held our first service at 1001 Gainsborough Road!

On November 1999, we worshiped in an Anglican Church that we heard was going to be put up for sale. We liked what we saw and an offer was made to purchase the building. This process generated much discussion as it would mean we would not build on the property purchased for such a use, but we would move into an existing structure. The go-ahead was received from the church at large and an offer submitted. The offer was accepted and the church was purchased in January 2000 with our first service held on January 29, 2000!

This is the history of how we have come to be worshiping at 800 Fleet Street in London Ontario. It has been a rocky road, but through it all, we can truly say:

To God be the glory, great things he has done!

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